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A pergola is a versatile option for dividing your garden or terrace and creating a secluded recreation area. Our Tarasola pergola collection features five different standard solutions, allowing everyone to find a suitable solution. Our product range includes the following series: Elegancy, Essential, Flat, Simple and Wave. Each series offers unique characteristics, allowing you to design your garden, patio, and home or outdoor restaurant area according to your preferences.

Create a luxurious and spectacular atmosphere in your garden, ideal for enjoying summer evenings with family and friends. With a pergola, you can extend the outdoor season and spend more time in the fresh air during spring and autumn evenings.

The supporting structure of our pergolas is made of durable aluminum that doesn’t require annual maintenance. Choose from a wide range of frame colors, canopy materials, and accessories, including side walls (Screener), lights, and an engine-driven control system.

Avaeksperdid is the official distributor of Tarasola pergolas.

Advantages of Pergolas

  • A pergola provides effective protection from the sun, rain, and wind, making your terrace or balcony weatherproof.
  • With its elegant design, a pergola creates a cozy and luxurious atmosphere in your terrace or garden.
  • Pergolas offer the flexibility to divide your terrace or garden area, creating separate zones for relaxation.
  • The strong structure of a pergola supports the installation of various accessories, such as lighting, water drainage systems, windbreaks, and heat radiators.
  • Pergolas are resistant to both wind and sun exposure.
  • Installing a pergola on your terrace can also help regulate sunlight and temperature indoors. Control the amount of sunlight and maintain optimal temperatures indoors.
  • Pergola canopies can be quickly rolled up or unrolled to suit your needs, offering convenience, and ease of use and maintenance.

Various Pergola Solutions

WaveTarasola Wave features an airy and beautiful design with a strong aluminum structure and a manually operated canopy. Despite its robust build, the Wave’s wavy fabric canopy maintains a light and delicate appearance, while effectively protecting against rain and sun exposure.

SimpleTarasola Simple combines beauty with functionality, making it suitable for both modern and traditional settings. Designed primarily for private house terraces, the Simple pergola offers both manual and electric operation options.

FlatTarasola Flat boasts a sleek rectangular design that complements modern architectural styles. The Tarasola Flat pergola is also ideal for covering large terraces.

EssentialTarasola Essential is an elegant roof system designed to meet the needs of even the most discerning customers. Providing protection from wind and sun, the Essential pergola creates a secluded relaxation area on terraces or in gardens.

ElegancyTerrace Canopy Elegancy is the most versatile and popular pergola choice. With a range of carefully selected accessories, the Elegancy pergola can transform any outdoor space—whether it’s a terrace, outdoor restaurant, or porch—into a stylish and functional area for relaxation, entertainment, or dining.

The Structure of Pergolas

The pergola structure typically consists of lightweight yet robust aluminum that can be powder-coated in any RAL color. The most characteristic features of the aluminum frame are its visual lightness and simplicity, while being structurally very strong and capable of withstanding harsh and changing weather conditions.

The traditional canopy of the pergola is crafted from Tech-Protect fabric, a specialized three-layer material designed specifically for canopies. This fabric is completely waterproof, providing shade and protection from overheating and harmful UV rays. The roof design facilitates efficient water drainage, directing it off from one side of the canopy. Using a chute, all water flows to the supporting pilars and then to the final drainage system.

The construction of a pergola always begins with the customer’s vision for their garden or terrace design. Various customizable features can be incorporated, including blinds, glass windbreaks, lighting fixtures, and heating devices, allowing users to tailor their outdoor space to their preferences. Additionally, side panels can be installed to offer protection against wind, temperature fluctuations, and rain.

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