Hybrid Curtain LONDON

Introducing a new addition to Avaeksperdid’s product line. Once you adorn your windows with our multifunctional and decorative textile curtains LONDON, you’ll become the envy of all your friends, neighbors, and colleagues!

LONDON’s unique patented fabric offers great light control and privacy. With its ingeniously joined rotating fabric strips, these curtains exude sheer elegance and sophistication.

Despite Their Lightweight Design, These Curtains Provide the Privacy You Desire

  • During the day, simply draw open the mesh tulle strips of the innovative curtains to enjoy the view.
  • By closing the strips at night, you’ll experience complete privacy, warmth, and security within your home.
  • You can easily also pass through the curtains without disrupting the ambiance indoors.
  • Plus, their adjustability makes them exceptionally child-friendly.
  • The curtains come equipped with rod control.

Fabric Types

You can choose between two fabric types, designed to fit any room:

  • HORIZON is a fabric series that features a more robust mesh structure.
  • VISTA is a fireproof series that showcases a finer mesh structure.

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For further details on these intriguing curtain options, we invite you to visit our showroom conveniently located in the Tallinn city center or in Mustamäe. Alternatively, feel free to request a quote.

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