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Plan Your Home Environment Smartly!

Your home is your fortress. To ensure your comfort and safety within it, consider starting with well-planned and modern interior design, including window coverings. That’s why integrating a remote-controlled smart solution is essential for your home. With smart window coverings, you can open and close curtains, blinds, Roman and Venetian blinds, and security curtains at specific times of the day, such as, for example, sunrise and sunset.

A smart home also proves invaluable in unexpected situations. For instance, during sudden heat or cold waves, you can remotely close the window coverings, even if you’re away from home.

A remotely controlled motorized smart solution offers privacy, protects plants on windowsills, and helps regulate room temperature, thereby keeping energy bills in check by adjusting window coverings as needed.

Could an energy-efficient and user-friendly smart home be the thing you need to enhance your daily life? To manage your security efficiently from one location, consider using a dedicated device like the Tahoma Switch, which consolidates control of your smart home electronics.

The Tahoma Switch is a smart device that enables convenient operation of window coverings, garage doors, gates, and lighting using your smartphone.

For instance, before leaving home, activate the “Leaving Home” scenario button you’ve pre-programmed: the curtains close, the garage door opens, and you can head to work worry-free. Upon returning in the evening, press another scenario button to open the blinds or curtains and illuminate the hallway or living room. The possibilities are endless!

In addition to Somfy devices, the Tahoma Switch also supports products from brands such as Sauter, Atlantic, Schneider Electric, Legrand, Thermor, Hitachi, Velux, Sonos, and Philips HUE.

Three Ways to Control the Tahoma Switch

  1. Pressing A Button on The Device: Initiate your daily routine with a single push of a button.
  2. Using the TaHoma Mobile App: Download the app to program and control your devices from home or remotely.
  3. Using Voice Commands: Connect the Tahoma Switch with devices like Google Home or Amazon Alexa to activate window coverings, gates, or garage doors using voice commands.

What are the detailed product features of Tahoma Switch? Watch the video to discover more:

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