Roller blinds

Roller blinds are perfectly suited to fulfil a practical purpose but at the same time, a carefully selected roller blind can be a stylish element of the interior design.

Roller blinds are manufactured for both indoors and outdoors use, they can be sun-reflecting and blackout ones, made of screen-fabric, wood or bamboo – but the best roller blind material is a strong fabric with dense and even texture, which is durable and practical.

Advantages of roller blinds

  • They protect from sunlight and ensure privacy

Summer-time sunlight is very intense and can heat up the room during the day. Direct sunlight also bleaches the furniture and equipment in the room and makes it difficult to watch TV during the day.

  • With blackout or temperature control function

In domestic conditions, blackout curtains and blinds help make the bedroom cosier, make naptime in a child’s room more enjoyable or watching TV in the living room more pleasurable. Adjusting the light in the home office area is also important and helps to increase productivity.

In an office, roller blinds are an indispensable help, especially in large and spacious rooms, which have many windows. Blackout curtains help regulate the light level in the room, which is important for creating a comfortable working environment.

  • Room design element when using decorative fabrics

It is very easy to combine roller blinds with textile curtains; then, you can leave the latter just an airy decorative and adorning role. The structure of roller blinds is simple and laconic, emphasizing and highlighting the window frame.

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