RTS Receivers

  • Centralis UNO RTS Receiver

    A hardwired switch designed to control a single motorized unit, featuring a built-in RTS receiver that enhances the radio control capabilities of existing hardwired installations.

  • In-wall RTS Receiver for Blinds

    This Somfy micro receiver enables light control via remote without requiring a change to the existing switch. With light control through the RTS receiver, there's no need to move between rooms to turn off lights; the micro receiver handles it all! Everything can be controlled with one remote.

  • Universal Thin RTS Receiver

    Designed for easy installation of a radio system on older devices or for retrofitting standard plug-in drive awnings for motorization (wind, sun, rain) at a later stage.

  • Universal RTS Receiver

    The Universal RTS Receiver is a radio receiver that enables automatic control of sun protection based on sunlight intensity, when combined with the RTS sun sensor, and wind protection, when combined with the RTS wind sensor.

  • Slim RTS Receiver Soliris Modulis

    A compact plug-in radio receiver (as an intermediate plug) for controlling the drive of an external Venetian blind, typically operated with a hand-held radio transmitter Telis Modulis RTS (dial control). No need to set working hours. Offers new flexible wind and solar automation.



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