Aluminum Facade Venetian Blinds Z90

Thanks to the unique shape of its slats, the Z90 blind allows for almost complete closure, unlike blinds with traditional-shaped slats. Its slats can be smoothly adjusted to control the angle, offering flexibility in setting the light intensity and creating a more pleasant atmosphere in the room depending on your individual needs. The Z90 system with a cassette is designed for installation both on the facade, as well as in modules.picture (1)

Advantages of The Z90 Facade Venetian Blinds

  • Z-shaped slats with noise-absorbing profile
  • Provides complete shading
  • Wide range of colors
  • Manual (crank) or electric drive
  • Max. dimensions: width 4500 mm, height 4500 mm, or width 3200 mm, height 5000 mm
  • For outdoor use

Engine and Automation

We provide solutions from leading European manufacturers, including complete weather automation, solar sensors, silent engines, engines with transceivers, and remote controls.


The cover cassette for Venetian blinds is constructed from 1.2 mm or 2.0 mm sheet aluminum, and depending on the configuration, can be adapted to various facade solutions. An oval cassette made of extruded aluminum is also available, resting on lateral guide rails that serve as the load-bearing element of the structure. This system is suitable for truss facades and conventional facades.

Textile Elements

The Z90 slats are supported by a Hagofix® system – support structures and lifting belts made of polyester fibers double-reinforced with aramid (a material used, for example, in bulletproof vests). These textiles are characterized by high stretch and abrasion resistance, they are heat treated, weatherproof and UV resistant.

The manufacturer retains the right to change and/or improve the design and construction

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